Who we are

Since June 2018 the National Park Hostel has been managed under concession by the company Electric Land srl of Verbania.

In our project, the management of the accommodation business represents a piece of a wider project, which includes tourist information activities at the Visitor Center, cultural and environmental animation activities, innovative promotional activities thanks to a targeted use of merchandising.

Our compass is the promotion of sustainable tourism. Our primary goal is to allow guests and visitors from all over the world to appreciate unspoiled nature and at the same time to get in touch with other people moved by the same ideals, by the same desire to discover. 

Here are the team members:


I graduated in Geological Sciences at the University of Milan in 1990. I am a passionate supporter of environmental protection. I love meeting people from different cultures than mine and the village of Cicogna is an exceptional place from this point of view, because it attracts special, interesting people, often looking for something. I believe in the development of sustainable tourism and I commit myself every day in this direction. I speak quite a few languages and conversing with the many guests from all over the world is one of the things I like most about this job.


I'm Pietro Capriata, Degree in philosophy, Master in human resources and as my high school professor said, a mixed salad. Passionate about everything that can arouse a minimum of curiosity, starting from technology to classical culture. I don't think we should ever stop, but always go ahead and explore. Life is a journey and I have learned to walk. On my way to life in Cicogna I welcome guests to the hostel and I take care of all-round communication ... a bit like I am Pietro Tutto Lui Capriata!


Freelance, although always in exchange and collaboration with others, born in 1965, scientific high school diploma, degree in Information Sciences and subsequently diploma as a Professional Educator. Musician for passion outside the community I play in several formations, I work as a sound and light technician for concerts and theatrical performances, and I introduce myself in the world of organizing events, which, once the experience in the community is closed, becomes my main working activity. In reality, I welcome, organize, plan and plan things… not by chance, but aim to make your stay in Cicogna as better and more convenient; don't you believe it? Try it for yourself!


My description? Let's start with the formalities, it's certainly not complicated! I introduce myself, I am Daniela, I am 30 years old with a reduced VAT (editor's note 10%), I am a business expert correspondent in foreign languages, but I preferred to continue my university studies towards "multimedia communication". For the rest, I could rattle many of my very different characteristics, but they are always the same as everyone says; uniformity and I don't get along at all. In concrete terms, in Cicogna I deal with the back-office and all that giant world that hides behind the communication (graphic and web) of the hostel and the info point. This is only a very small part of professional and human "me", I hope to meet you soon in Cicogna, to introduce you to the person I am, certainly difficult to describe in a few lines.