The Val Grande Hostel

The Val Grande hostel, owned by the National Parksi trova al centro del piccolo village of Cicogna (la “capitale” del parco, a 15 chilometri dalla città di Verbania e dal Lago Maggiore).

Un luogo speciale, punto di partenza ideale per “entrare” nella Val Grande e per scoprire gli innumerevoli tesori della natura incontaminata e selvaggia intorno a Cicogna.

Abbiamo riaperto il 30 maggio, dopo un lungo lavoro di miglioramento ed adeguamento della struttura a seguito della pandemia.

Qui puoi trascorrere il tuo tempo in completa libertà – come a casa – grazie alla cucina completamente attrezzata, alla sala da pranzo, al soggiorno, ai balconi in tutte le stanze, al dehor esterno. La struttura è all’avanguardia da un punto di vista ecologico: l’acqua calda e l’elettricità sono generate da pannelli solari. Non c’è copertura del segnale mobile (e questo aiuta a “disconnettersi”), ma abbiamo un servizio Wi-Fi gratuito per ogni evenienza.

Se non vuoi cucinare, un'ottima soluzione per i tuoi pasti sono il Circolo ARCI (a fianco dell’ostello) e l'Agriturismo Corte Merina (10 minuti a piedi).

Non siamo soltanto un luogo dove soggiornare per villeggiatura: se hai consumato tutte le ferie o hai necessità anche di lavorare, puoi farlo in smart ... il segnale wi-fi copre tutti gli ambienti interni ed esterni. Perchè non passare due o tre giorni da noi, magari in settimana, lavorando in un posto tranquillo e riposante, e al tempo stesso trovare il tempo per qualche escursione nel nostro incontaminato Parco Nazionale ?

Abbiamo un totale di 18 posti, con soluzioni e prezzi diversi. Tutti gli ospiti possono utilizzare gratuitamente la nostra preziosa cucina completamente attrezzata, indipendentemente dalla soluzione scelta.

  • The cheapest proposal is the bed in a room for six people . The bathroom is shared and you must have a sleeping bag. It only costs 17 euros per night per person.

For those who want a little more comfort, we have two types of double rooms: 

  • "Velina" room , with bunk bed, sheets, towels. The bathroom is shared. The room costs 44 euros per night. Book here!
  • “Pogallo” room , with bunk bed, sheets, towels. It has a private bathroom (toilet and sink). The room costs 49 euros per night. Book here!
  • We also have a triple room , with a bunk bed and a third bed, sheets, towels. The bathroom is shared. The room costs 59 euros per night. Book here!

The shower is always shared.

Children from 0 to 5 years pay nothing , and have a cot for them to layout. Children from 6 to 12 pay 12 euros per night in any different accommodation.

We have special offers for groups , contact us by email:

We are waiting for you in Val Grande ....


In order to have a good experience at our hostel and to respect the other people, we kindly ask our guests to follow the rules indicated below:

  • maintain an appropriate behaviour to ensure tranquility and respect both in the hostel and in the neighbourhood;
  • take care of the spaces and equipment in use, keeping them clean and orderly;
  • use water and electricity sparingly and carefully;
  • ask the staff for the use of the lifting platform and the washing machine;
  • use slippers, not shoes or boots, inside the hostel;
  • show your ID card or passport on arrival;
  • pay for your stay upon arrival or check your advanced payment;
  • after 10 p.m. and until 6 a.m. lights must be switched off and maximum silence must be observed; do not use the kitchen, showers and the washing machine during these hours;
  • - return the linen, delivered on arrival, on your departure.

It is strictly forbidden:

  • changing the arrangement of furniture, accessories and equipment in use without authorisation of the staff;
  • smoking inside the hostel and on the balconies;
  • introducing animals and other guests without agreement with the staff.

All common areas are subject to cleaning and sanitation , with particular attention to the surfaces most frequently touched (stair handrails, light switches, door handles, windows and lockers, taps). Each object given to guests is used sanitized before and after use.

The bed linen and bathroom is supplied in the washing machine with detergents and additives sanitizing at each change of guest. In the bathroom and in the showers with forced ventilation the systems will be kept in operation for the whole day.

Access to the shower room and its use is allowed to one person at a time , if not belonging to the same family and / or cohabitants. The room is sanitized frequently during the day. The use of the kitchen is limited to one person at a time per family and / or partner; the rules of use are indicated at the bottom.

All surfaces and equipment in use are sanitized before and after each use. The guests' body temperature may be detected, preventing access to the structure in the event of temperature> 37.5 ° C .

The staff undertakes to respect these rules carefully and rigorously: this does not exclude a collaboration of the guests who can still use , in addition to the work of the staff, before and after use, the sanitizing products available in all environments.

We are confident that with a small shared effort and common we will be able to reach a high level of security and protection for everyone without the serenity and light-heartedness of your and our stay in the hostel being severely or negatively affected.

For this reason we have defined the following Guidelines to counteract the spread of contagion in continuity with the indications at national level and regional documents contained in the Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers and in the scientifically recognized documents of INAIL and Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

We invite you to read carefully and respect scrupulously what is indicated in this sheet, collaborating responsibly with the staff and with the other guests:

  • always wear the mask in all the common areas inside the structure;
  • keep the interpersonal distance of at least one meter , excluding people belonging to the same household and / or cohabitants;
  • wash and sanitize frequently hands using the products in the dispenser available, paying particular attention when attending common areas, toilets, showers and kitchen;
  • avoid gatherings on the landings of the floors and use the stairs between the floors one person at a time and alternating one-way;
  • favor the greater ventilation and air exchange of the premises, both private and common, through frequent opening of French windows and windows;
  • activate the drain of the toilet water with the bowl lid down;
  • do not share glasses, water bottles and bottles and do not exchange objects such as towels, bathrobes, personal hygiene products or anything with other guests;
  • avoid walking inside the hostel barefoot or barefoot, but always use slippers , preferably in rubber and not in cloth;
  • parents / carers are advised to take care in supervising children to respect the rules, compatibly with their degree of autonomy and their age.
  • access to the kitchen is limited to one person at a time per family and / or cohabitants;
  • always wear the mask ;
  • wash frequently your hands ;
  • at the table keep a interpersonal distance of at least one meter , excluding people belonging to the same family and / or cohabitants;
  • on days of greater presence of guests prefer the use of plates, glasses and cutlery in disposable bio material, available in structure;
  • pay particular attention to the containers of common foods (oil, salt, sugar, coffee, spices, etc.) which must be handled with the use of kitchen paper;
  • it is recommended not to share with other guests glasses, water bottles and bottles and more generally objects;
  • pay particular attention not to mix and confuse your open products with those of other guests, separating them in the shelves of the refrigerator and of the pantry cupboard, and using the food containers available in the structure;
  • bring your wet waste to each meal in the appropriate containers for separate collection in the room adjacent to the Info Point with bio bags available in structure;
  • at each shift of the kitchen, put the tea towels for hands and dishes to wash;
  • organize with the staff and other guests for a shift in the use of the kitchen and spaces for meals.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Enjoy your holiday!